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"We specialise in helping people with a neurological diagnosis to achieve their health, weight and wellbeing goals, and feel more in control of their own health"

Have you experienced changes to your weight since your diagnosis, which impacts on your mobility, confidence or self esteem?


Do you find yourself lacking in energy, or feeling tired all the time, even after you have rested?


Maybe you're feeling overwhelmed or anxious, and you'd like help to feel more positive and have strategies to support stress management.


If so, Food For Thought Nutrition Coaching could be the SOLUTION for you!

Take a look at our client success stories to see how we have helped other people just like you to improve their health and wellbeing, and find out what it's like to be a client at Food For Thought Nutrition Coaching.


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About Food For Thought Nutrition Coaching

If you're like our usual clients, you are searching for clear information to help you achieve your health, weight and wellbeing goals and feel more in control of your own health.


We don't believe in telling people simply to "cut down on fat, salt and sugar" or "take more exercise".

We focus on taking our clients from feeling anxious about their health and confused about the best way to live a healthier lifestyle, to feeling fitter and more confident without dieting or deprivation.

If you're living with a neurological condition and are searching for specialist support to help transform your health and wellbeing, why not get in touch to see how Food For Thought Nutrition Coaching can help you to achieve your goals? 

Is Food For Thought Nutrition Coaching Right For Me?


Food For Thought Nutrition Coaching IS for:


▪️People who truly value their health and understand that balanced nutrition is the KEY to maintaining lifelong health.

▪️Those who know that specialist expert attention and support is the best possible way to build lifestyle changing habits.

▪️Those who have a clear goal that they want to achieve - and are SERIOUS about achieving it!

▪️Those who don't want to "go it alone" or follow the one-size-fits-all dietary guidance offered by the NHS.

▪️Those who want to regain their confidence, motivation and wellbeing after a life-changing diagnosis.


Meet Hannah Rushton


Specialist Nutrition Coach and Director at Food For Thought Nutrition Coaching.

Hannah is a nutrition and lifestyle coach, with extensive experience of working with people who have had an acute neurological event.

She has a background in the health charity sector, and has worked exclusively with stroke survivors for the past twelve years where she has amassed a thorough knowledge and understanding of the complexities and challenges facing people with a neurological diagnosis.


Hannah specialises in supporting her clients to live a healthy and active life by translating the science of nutrition and wellbeing and making it relevant and easy to apply in everyday life. Just some of the benefits of nutrition and lifestyle coaching reported by her clients include improved weight management, increased energy levels, improved motivation, reduced stress and anxiety, and feeling more in control of their own health.