Customised Nutrition Coaching for Stroke Survivors

"We specialise in helping health-conscious stroke survivors transform their diet and lifestyle so they can take back control of their health and live a brighter, healthier life after stroke!"

At Food For Thought Nutrition Coaching you will be seen by a specialist nutrition coach who will carry out an in-depth assessment of your current eating habits and evaluate your lifestyle patterns in order to build a personalised plan to enable you in reaching your goals.


From there, we will work together with you to provide you with the support, motivation and accountability needed to keep you on-track and promote permanent transformations to your health and wellbeing.

Request a FREE Telephone Consultation with a Specialist Nutrition Coach


Let us know if you'd like to chat to a nutrition coach about your health history and get some helpful advice about adjusting your diet and lifestyle over the phone. There is absolutely no obligation to book following a phone call.


About Our Service


We understand that people who have had a stroke aren't just worried about having experienced a serious medical condition out of the blue, but the frustration that comes with not knowing what may have caused it, the disappointment of erratic and inadequate aftercare, and the fear of experiencing another stroke in the future.


We also understand that you probably aren't ready to book an appointment with us right away. That's why we offer tonnes of free expert information about health and nutrition to help you begin making healthy lifestyle changes starting today!