Natasha’s Story

Natasha Improves her Digestion, Mobility, Motivation and Overall Health


“I was interested in trialling this programme for my digestive health and mental health and lastly mobility. [My] personal goals [were to] achieve better digestion and [feel] less lethargic with the aid of loss of weight and mobility.”


Natasha was 46 years old when she underwent surgery to remove a grade II spinal cord tumour in 2017. In Natasha’s words, “Since then, my blood pressure has gone up and my digestion plays havoc with me”.


Natasha was put in touch with Food For Thought Nutrition Coaching in Autumn 2020 by PhysioFunction, who she sees weekly to help with her goal of rehabilitation to walking without aids.


During our first session together, Natasha explained to me that since her surgery, her weight has gradually increased, putting pressure on her joints which impacts on her walking, and also affecting her confidence and self-esteem.


Natasha also described how her energy levels fluctuate throughout the day with a mid-afternoon slump often resulting in cravings for chocolate and sugary snacks. Natasha identified her lack of exercise as impacting on her energy levels and she wished to explore ways to increase her physical activity in addition to her physiotherapy treatment programme.


Natasha also wanted to improve her digestive health, which she managed with over-the-counter treatment at the time of our initial consultation, and which affected her wellbeing and appetite (“if my bowels are playing up I don’t tend to eat”).


Finally, Natasha identified a goal to improve her mental health, following a number of “extremely stressful” situations during the past 3 years. Natasha told me that she finds it hard to relax and wanted to explore stress management strategies such as meditation, which she has tried in the past and felt the benefits.


Natasha completed 4 sessions of coaching over Zoom, spaced at 2-weekly intervals, where together we created a nutrition and lifestyle plan to help her make small but powerful changes to her diet and lifestyle to support her in making progress towards her goals. These included healthy diet upgrades to improve the quality and balance of her diet, and to support her digestive health. Natasha also committed to a daily meditation practice and completing 10 minutes of household chores to increase her physical activity levels.


After just 4 sessions of NLC, Natasha reports the following:

“My digestion has improved so much with making small changes, it has really helped me identify which foods can trigger off a bad episode. I must say I did slip up at Christmas. I’m now getting back into it, however it is amazing how quickly your body responds to the rubbish put into your body and not in a good way. Mobility wise, [NLC] has helped immensely with my stamina. Household chores definitely helped in my mobility and standing for longer periods of time. The main challenge now is when I start cleaning I get so engrossed I forget lunch! Meditation has helped greatly in giving me peace during the day, once my 21 day trial is completed I’m signing up with Headspace”.


Natasha was also positive about her experience of using Zoom saying, “I did at first have apprehension of using Zoom as it’s something I had not done before, after the first session it felt comfortable. To be honest if you have mobility issues this way of working is so much better.”


When asked to comment on her overall experience of Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching, Natasha said, “Would like to say a big thank you for opening my eyes and helping with my digestion and overall healthy experience.”