Expert Dietary Advice for Stroke Survivors

Have you been told by your stroke consultant or GP that you should make some healthy changes to your diet following your stroke?


Maybe you're worried about your future health, and you want to improve your eating habits to help your body to recover and stay healthy and active into older age.


The good news is this:

You're not alone - Food For Thought Nutrition Coaching helps people just like you to take charge of their health and wellbeing through our lifestyle changing health plans.


Does this sound like you?


Most people who have a stroke or TIA experienced it out of the blue. 


They felt they ate a healthy diet, didn't smoke and stayed fairly active.


When it happened, they were completely taken by surprise.


Many of these people are given medications to manage the underlying health conditions that can cause a stroke, such as high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately very few receive any guidance around eating a healthy diet, and are simply told to "reduce fat and sugar", "follow the guidelines for alcohol" or "cut down on salt".


However, we now know that nine out of ten strokes are preventable through following a healthy diet and lifestyle, and is the best way to prevent a future stroke from occurring.


The truth is: the NHS does a great job of picking up the pieces when people fall seriously ill but is not set up to focus on preventing illness.


You've probably read 100 different things about healthy diets, from low fat to low carb. Maybe it was all contradictory and left you feeling overwhelmed and confused?


If any of the above sounds like you, then we'd love to speak to you and tell you about how we can help! Why not take one of the options below and let us help you make the right decision about health and nutrition?


There are 3 options to choose from to get started:


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Looking for help to start making healthy diet changes? Here are 5 simple ways to get your diet off to a good start TODAY!

1. Load up on vegetables and fruits. Fruits and vegetables are low in calories, high in fibre and contain lots of vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to work at their best. Variety is important! As well as 5 portions a day, to get the most nutritional benefit try eating 5 different colours a day too.


2. Choose wholegrains. Starchy carbohydrates such as bread, pasta and rice are an important source of energy along with essential nutrients such as B vitamins, iron, calcium and magnesium. Wholegrains are unrefined and close to how they are found in nature. They are higher in nutrients than refined carbs and are beneficial to cardiovascular health.


3. Eat more legumes. Legumes are a class of vegetable that includes beans, peas and lentils. They are low in fat, an excellent source of protein and fibre, and loaded with vitamins and minerals which help to manage cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar. Try incorporating beans into soups and stews or making curries using lentils or chickpeas.


4. Hold the sugar. Having too much sugar in your diet can cause weight gain and type 2 diabetes - both risk factors for stroke. Excess sugar can also raise blood pressure and increase chronic inflammation which can affect cardiovascular health. Aim to limit added sugars in food and drink to 7 teaspoons a day or less, or around 30 grams.


5. Avoid processed foods. Processed foods include ready meals, takeaways, cooking sauces, snack foods, and meat products, such as bacon, sausage, ham, salami and paté. These foods typically contain high levels of salt which can raise blood pressure, putting extra strain on the blood vessels in your body. Try snacking on unsalted nuts or a piece of fruit, and cooking meals at home, flavouring your food with pepper, herbs, garlic, spices or lemon juice instead of salt.


How can a specialist nutrition coach at Food For Thought Nutrition Coaching help YOU transform your health and wellbeing?


✅ Our unique method combines the science of nutrition with motivation, accountability and support to empower you to bridge the gap between the desire to be healthy and actually being healthy.


✅ Our nutrition and lifestyle plans are tailor-made to YOU and your individual health history, they will contain the foods you like to eat, and fit into your lifestyle.


✅ We don't ask you to count calories or give you a long list of "dos and don'ts", instead we are committed to finding upgrades to your current diet and lifestyle, making the transition to a long term healthier lifestyle simple, enjoyable and easy to follow.


✅ We don't just look at what you put on your plate, we look at your body as a whole, including helping you to improve your sleep, stay physically active and finding ways to relax.


✅ We will give you the time and attention you deserve to to set you on the path to your best health and an active life after stroke.


✅ We will empower you to become confident in maintaining your new healthy habits long after we have finished working together.


✅ We can help you to feel confident and optimistic about the future, enabling you to live your life to its fullest rather than worrying about your health!