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Client Testimonials

I was suffering with weight gain, lack of mobility and digestive problems which stemmed from a spinal cord tumour in 2017 which resulted in reduced mobility, this is what drew me to Hannah services. I needed someone to take a look at my day to day diet and mobility from the outside and give me a plan that would work and not be like a diet plan! As we know they never work so I needed something that was going to be sustainable. The process of day sheets helped wonders and took a good hard look and what I was or was not doing on a day to day basis. Hannah implemented some small changes but effective in what I needed. My eating habits have changed and my mobility is probably at the best it has been since my surgery in 2017. If anybody is struggling with weight gain, digestive issues I would say speak to Hannah who will guide you through a programme that can work for you.

Natasha W.