Hi my name is Hannah …

Thanks for visiting my new website.

It’s been a journey getting here.

I’ve worked for many years as a stroke recovery co-ordinator for the Stroke Association. Nutrition and healthy eating are an important part of this process which is why my interest in the nutrition aspect of my job has led to my setting up as a nutritional coach.

I will blog here giving healthy eating plant based recipes which you can add meat or fish, or more vegetables or whatever you want to. They are really just start points to our healthy eating adventure.

Hopefully you will all want to share how you’ve adapted the recipes or any personal recipes you may have that would be useful to making this a relevant and helpful page in our nutritional adventure.

By the end of my first year I am hoping to have built up a database of recipes and developed a network of engaged readers who will be as empowered by me as I am by them.