About Food For Thought Nutrition Coaching

"Is Food For Thought Nutrition Coaching Right For Me?"


The people we see value their health and know that making positive changes to their diet and lifestyle is the KEY to a healthy, active future!


Many of the people we see have tried to help themselves before they come to see us. They may have been told by their consultant or GP that they should "reduce fat and sugar", "cut down on salt" or "follow the guidelines for alcohol" to reduce their risk of having another stroke, but are left feeling dissatisfied with the lack of information and practical support to help them make these changes.


They may have been given a generic leaflet on healthy eating, or found some bog-standard advice on the internet, but struggle with the motivation needed to make healthy changes "off their own bat".


They may have swallowing problems, mobility problems, or changes to taste which make it difficult to prepare and enjoy nutritious meals that support their body to recover and thrive.

We know that building a new healthy way of living is the single most important thing you can do to help your recovery and reduce your risk of having another stroke, but we also understand that it can be confusing, overwhelming and difficult to do this all by yourself.


It's times like these when you need a helping hand from someone who is able to give you the time and attention you deserve, in order to set you on the path to your best health and an active life after stroke.


With our unique approach and personalised support tailored to YOUR individual dietary needs and preferences, we quite literally transform the health of our clients, putting control back into their hands and worries about the future to the back of their minds.


Remember that the best way to boost your recovery, protect against another stroke and enjoy a healthy future is to eat a healthy diet and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Don't struggle on by yourself any longer - look at the options below to get started and begin your health journey today!


How Does It Work?

We offer our services online, providing consultations via Zoom, meaning you can work with us from the comfort and privacy of your own home without having to travel to see us. We offer a range of appointments to suit most schedules and needs, and we are highly skilled in communicating with people who have aphasia.


We also understand that many people aren't ready to book an appointment right away. That's why we offer telephone consultations with a nutrition coach, free of charge, before you book in, to make sure we're a good fit for each other. Click HERE to apply for a free telephone consultation with a stroke specialist nutrition coach.

We also offer something totally unique to our field of expertise, called a discovery session; a completely free appointment where we can sit down together with a coffee via Zoom and you can tell us a bit about your health history and what your goals are for recovery. We can then tell you whether we have the tools to help you transform your health and wellbeing.


A discovery session is 100% free and is a great way to get started for people who are unsure whether Food For Thought Nutrition Coaching is right for them, or for people who want to see how we are different to other healthy eating plans. Click HERE to apply for a free discovery session!


Meet Hannah

Hannah Rushton is the Director of Food For Thought Nutrition Coaching and a stroke specialist nutrition coach.


Hannah started her career by training as a speech and language therapist before working for over a decade in the charity sector providing stroke survivors with the information and practical support they need to make their best possible recovery after stroke

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Most recently, Hannah qualified as a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach and she now specialises in helping stroke survivors to transform their health through her proven lifestyle changing support.


In her spare time, Hannah loves taking long walks in the countryside with her dog and is also a keen runner. She also enjoys reading and has recently discovered the joy of gardening, particularly edible plants!


Hannah is a member of the UK Health Coaches Association.